Need Help using your Audit Tool?

  • Are you using Siteimprove, Monsido, SortSite or other tool to audit your website for accessibility and compliance?

  • Are you finding it difficult to understand what the report is telling you?

  • Do you need some help in understanding "how" to fix an issue?

Foxbright Can Help!

Foxbright can help you work with the audit tool of your choice. 

Review Reports ($450)

Working with your tool of choice (Siteimprove, SortSite, Monsido, etc), Foxbright will

  • Analyze errors and warnings
  • Review options for corrections, determine best practices for your website and identify points of training for staff
  • Identify false positives and which warnings to ignore
  • Update configuration settings to improve reports and make more user friendly
  • Conduct manual review of identified areas
  • Identify options for design and skin changes to support WCAG 2.0 AA and provide you a  list of recommended changes

Adjust Website Design to Support WCAG 2.0 AA ($750)

Foxbright will update your website design and adjust colors, HTML layout and CSS to bring your existing Foxbright design in compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines. If your Foxbright website designs contains themes, there will be an additional charge for updating your themes. Please ask for a quote.

PDF Report ($150)

You will receive a list of all PDF files with accessibility issues. The list will include:

  1. PDF file name
  2. Link to the page where the document is found on your website
  3. For each PDF document:
    • a list of all issues found in the document, and
    • recommendations on how to repair the document

Consultation Package ($950)

Purchase all 3 consulting services and save. Package includes:

  • Review Reports
  • Adust Foxbright Website Design
  • PDF Report