Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act Compliance

Foxbright CMSv4 is compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. However, you are responsible for making your web page content and linked documents accessible to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access all the content on your website.

How Do I Keep My Content Compliant

Educational Organizations will need to put in place a policy and process to ensure the website is compliant and remains compliant.  There are essentially 2 steps to compliant content:

  1. Education and Training of Content Editors
  2. Periodic Audit and Correction/Clean-Up of Content

What Do My Content Editors Need to Know?

It will be important to educate all of your content editors about:

  1. Use headings to organize the structure of your content
  2. Use unique and descriptive link names
  3. Use appropriate Alternative Text for images
  4. Understand how to create accessible WORD or PDF documents

The following topics would only apply to some of your content editors:

  1. Provide Transcripts  for both Audio and Video posted on the website
  2. Provide Captions  for Video posted on the website
  3. If using tables with row or column headings, makes sure that the table is linearized

Where Can I Get More Information?

To facilitate the education and training of your content editors, Foxbright is creating a variety of resources and will post in this section. 

In addition, we will be sending out periodic newsletters and reccomendations.