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Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Section 504 / 508 Complaints

Many schools have received a notification letter from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).  This letter notifies the school that a complaint has been filed with the OCR stating that portions of the school's website does not meet accessibility standards.

Purpose of the OCR Letter

The intent of the filings from the OCR seem to be to get school districts to voluntarily move to WCAG 2.0 AA level of compliance and to put policies and procedures in place to ensure that compliance is an ongoing concern. 

Current laws regarding electronic content require a much lower level of accessibility (Section 508) and while there is movement to change that and increase it to WCAG 2.0 AA, the OCR is using section 504 to push the issue for schools and other places of public accommodation to achieve accessibility results more quickly.

You've been cited, now what?

Foxbright Can Help!

Foxbright has the skill set required to navigate the complex rules and guidelines for creating an accessible and compliant website. We can work with your school to achieve a compliant website by:

  1. Training your staff
  2. Running audits of your website
  3. Cleaning up site content that fails the audit
  4. Providing website designs that meet WCAG 2.0 AA
  5. Continued monitoring of your website

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Can I do this myself?

It is important to know that there are many tools available for scanning and auditing your website.  These tools include:

  • Siteimprove
  • SortSite
  • Monsido

These tools will identify issues and help interpret the accessibility rules and guidelines so you can determine how to fix your website. 

What if I am already using a 3rd Party Tool?

 If you have purchased any of these tools and are finding it a bit overwhelming, Foxbright can help.  Foxbright offers services to help you

  • Understand your reports
  • Configure and adjust your settings to eliminate the "noise"
  • Provide recommendations on how to address issues
  • Resolve identified issues

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