Content Management

The Foxbright CMS is known for its
ease of use, simplicity, and power
as a fully self-maintaining content
management system for your website.

Foxbright's Content Management System (CMS) allows the people who create the content (staff, administrators, classroom teachers, and others) the ability to quickly and easily update information specific to their areas of responsibility from any computer with Internet access. At the same time, consistency of presentation is enforced - making sure that the visitor experience is consistent regardless of who is entering the content.

Why use a Content Management System

  • Custom Standardization

    One look at our portfolio will show you that Foxbright websites have nothing in common with those blocky, boring, same-as-everyone-else websites. To Foxbright, standardization means that each page on your site is equally appealing, no matter where it is on your site, or who created the content.

  • Speed

    Changes to the content are so easy, and the tools so accessible that your website can have the latest, updated news whenever you want. With the Foxbright CMS, changes can be made from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with Internet access. Just go to your website, log in, make your change, and you're done!

  • Content Workflow

    Do you want to have key people review content before it hits the website? No problem, Foxbright CMS has workflow built right into it, so that the right person is immediately notified that a page has been updated.


  • Easy to Learn

    The administrative tools used to maintain the website don't require any knowledge of HTML. A basic knowledge of word processing is all that is required to start creating and updating web pages rich with text, images, and links.

  • Efficiency

    Our CMS allows you to distribute website content management throughout your organization allowing everyone the ability to easily update one page, the whole website, or anything in between. No more e-mails, requests, clarifications, or screenshots sent by FAX. Simply log in, make your change, and check it off your list.

Foxbright CMS Features

The Foxbright content editor is truly user-friendly. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) no technical knowledge is necessary. Content can be easily updated from any device. Design is responsive and all content automatically formats to your design for a clean professional presentation.

See below for some of our favorite features. 

News, Stories, Announcements


  • Push articles to Facebook & Twitter
  • Easily add Facebook and/or Twitter posts to your website
  • Home Page Alerts - great for school closings or other scheduling changes
  • Date Driven with Auto Archive feature
  • Featured News - draw special attention to news articles on your home page
  • Stories / Online Newsletters

Calendars and Events


  • Add and Edit Events and share events
  • Parent Calendar View (select district and building calendars to view together)
  • Event Description supports links to documents, embedded maps, etc.
  • Present multiple calendars together (e.g. School Calendar + District Calendar)
  • iCAL / ICS enabled so anyone can subscribe to your school calendars
  • Foxbright integrates with Google, Office 365, Schedule Star, or any calendaring system that supports calendar subscriptions

Lunch Menus


  • Create, manage and post lunch menu's directly to website
  • No more linking to PDF lunch menus 

Staff Directory and Teacher Pages


  • Searchable Staff Directory by name, building, department and position
  • Customizable Staff Listings for Building or Department specific directory
  • Auto link staff to teacher pages from Staff Directory
  • Staff Cards
  • Unlimited Teacher Pages -  includes calendars, photo galleries, documents, newsletters, etc.

Photo Galleries


  • Rotating Photo Banners on District and Building Pages
  • Inline Photo slideshows and galleries
  • Unlimited number of photos
  • Optional Photo Title and Description shown with each photo

Custom Online Forms


  • Easily create custom forms for your website - drag & drop controls to build form
  • Email notification (by form) when submitted with Confirmation Email Notification option
  • View and option to edit submitted form data
  • File Attachments
  • Export form information to CSV/Excel


Password Protected Pages


  • Secured (SSL) Password Protected Pages – requires site visitor to login to view content. Safely add sensitive content and control who has access to the content.
  • Create as many password-protected areas in your website as you need.
  • Total control – Make any page secure, no matter where it is in your site
  • Custom log-in page – Each secure area in your site can have its own log-in page.
  • Groups/User Management – Define your own groups and assign users to 1 or more of these groups. Assign access to website pages by groups.

Roles & Permissions


  • Assign Web Administrator, Publisher, Editor or Staff Roles
  • Grant access to specific pages, calenders, news sections and more

Integrations / Feeds


  • Google Calendars, ICAL / ICS enabled calendars
  • Facebook / Twitter / Blogs / School Messenger RSS Feeds 
  • News, Staff, and Calendar integration with App
  • Advanced Script Integration, can include web-services or robust JavaScript on pages of the site
  • LDAP Integration for Authentication
  • Google Analytics for complete website statistics
  • Google Translator for Language selection and translation