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A mobile app that builds trust
and engages community.

  • Customizable features to meet your needs

  • Manage all your communications in one place

  • Remarkably powerful yet surprisingly affordable

Foxbright offers a customized iOS, Android, Progressive Web App (PWA) with notifications customized with your district branding that integrates with your website.  The district will customize the app to meet their communication needs.  With the app, parents will have district and building information at their fingertips.

Branded App Standard Features

  Push, SMS/Text, and Email Notification

App users subscribe to receive notifications they want AND how  they want to receive them. Complete record-keeping of all communications.


  Community Engagement

App users (staff, students, and/or the community) may take and submit photos and videos via the app for the app news feed.  The media and posting will be routed to an admin for approval before posting.  Posts can be automatically synced to the Foxbright website.


  Calendar Integration

Whether you use Google Calendars, Foxbright, or another calendaring system, we have you covered.  App users can select what calendars they want to see based on what they have subscribed to see.


  Centralized News Feed

Facebook, Twitter, and your Foxbright website news can automatically feed into the app, app users will be notified and see district messages as well as messages associated with buildings/groups they have subscribed to. 

  • Foxbright News Alerts can send push notifications in-app
  • Notifications posted in the app automatically show on your website
  • News posted in the app can be shared to Facebook and Twitter.


  2-Way Messaging

Allow 2-way messaging on only messages you desire responses on. 

  • Admins can direct message any app user and staff and allow replies
  • Staff can direct message subscribers (parents/students) of their assigned groups
  • App users can message staff who use the app 

  Unlimited Groups

Create as many groups  (e.g. parent, club, athletics, staff, etc.) as you need so you can communicate quickly and easily with those groups.


  App Dashboard and Accounts/Users

Your organization will receive its own customized App Dashboard, a powerful application you can access from your browser or mobile device to send notifications and update app content at any time.  The dashboard contains a powerful reporting tool that tracks all communication and graphs of app usage.  


  Staff Directory

Students and parents can navigate to staff information and teacher pages from within the app.  The app will auto-sync to your Foxbright staff. 


  Digital Hall Pass

For schools with a 1:1 tablet program, or for any school where students have access to devices, the digital Hall Pass is a streamlined system that’s easy for teachers, eliminates paper notes, and includes reporting capability.


  Single Sign-On (SSO)

Users can sign into the app using an existing school account, such as G Suite for Education, Office365, Microsoft Active Directory, SAML, OAuth2, or SIS.


  Block Scheduling

Keep your school community in sync. The app can handle any complexity of rotating block schedules. Every day’s block/period sequence will be clearly shown in your school app. Your school app will sync with the block schedule spreadsheet via our integration with Google Apps for Education and Google Sheets.

Your App is Available In

  • App Store
  • Google Play
  • Web app (for those without a mobile/smart device)

  Other App Features Available

Your app is built to promote direct communication between the district, community, parents, teachers, and students thereby increasing overall community engagement.

  • SIS integrations - automate daily imports of SIS data, notify parents and students via the app of schools closings, absence notifications, lunch balances, bus delays. Notify via Push, SMS/Text, email, or Text to Voice.
  • Class list imports
  • Teacher/Instructor dashboard accounts for teacher-to-student communication and notifications.
  • A separate app customized for each school (building)
  • Student Planner with Reminders
  • Personalized Class Schedules
  • Digital Signage integration