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4 Strategies for Effective and Inclusive Teacher - Parent Communication
Category: CMS Best Practices Communications

How to structure your website’s communication features so that teachers have everything they need to connect with parents and guardians.

How to Setup a Classroom Calendar Structure Online
Category: CMS Best Practices Communications

Making calendar focused information such as schedules, events, and due-dates accessible online is a great way to make parent-teacher communication easy and accessible.

School District App + Website + Social Media = Communication Excellence
Category: Communications EdTech
Guest Blog by Appazur

In today's digital world, channels of communication between school districts and the communities they serve have never been more accessible. However, accessible doesn't always mean easy. The Caledonia Community School District is a success story because they've implemented a "one stop shop" approach; bringing Appazur's mobile app, Foxbright website technology, and social media together into one central platform.

Optimize your website for easy parent teacher communication
Category: CMS Best Practices Communications

Here are a few tips on how you can set up your school's website to make it easier for teachers to stay organized and be more efficient with their online communication.