Audit and Compliance Services

Audit Report / Content Cleanup Services

Foxbright offers an audit report and content cleanup services to help our clients get and stay compliant with content that they add to the website.

We understand that needs will vary so we have put together a comprehensive set of options to fit anyone's budget.

Audit Report Services

Website Accessibility Testing

As part of our services, Foxbright will provide automated Website Accessibility Standards Testing using SortSite website testing software.  Accessibility Issues that will be checked for include:

  • Accessibility
    • WCAG 2.0 - 118 tests covering A, AA and AAA guidelines
    • WCAG 1.0 - 86 tests covering A, AA and AAA guidelines
    • Section 508 - 55 tests covering 15 guidelines
    • PDF documents for broken links, untagged content and missing ALT text
    • Office documents for broken links
    • Note: Not all accessibility issues can be identified with automated testing.
  • Broken Links - check for broken links
  • Spelling – check for spelling errors
  • Compatibility - check for HTML, script and image formats that don't work in common browsers

Reports and Services

From the Accessibility Testing results, Foxbright will provide useful reports including:

  • Non-compliant documents (PDF) Report - includes issues found and how to fix
  • Broken Links Report - Contains a list of all broken links and pages that contain the broken link
  • Misspellings Report - Contains a list of misspellings on website and the pages with misspellings
  • Summary Report that includes changes made by Foxbright and points of training for your content editors.

Foxbright will also fix the following compliance issues on your website:

  • Fix Priority 1 issues (Section 508, WCAG 1.0 A and WCAG 2.0 A)
  • Fix Priority 2 issues (WCAG 2.0 AA).  Please note contrast Issues may require website color and/or font color/size changes or a website redesign.

Accessible Documents, Videos and Audio Files

Foxbright will provide assistance with questions in regards to making documents, videos and audio files accessible.  Accessibility of these items is the responsibility of the school district. 

Pricing and Options

Foxbright offers a wide range of options to meet you needs and budget, ranging from $150 (1-time report) - $2,000 (monthly scans and reports).  Please contact us for pricing options.

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