These schools and organizations took advantage of the summer break to redesign their websites and boy did they get beautiful results! Check them out below:

Screenshot of the new Washtenaw school website design

Washtenaw ISD

When the Washtenaw Intermediate School District embarked on their website redesign, they knew their updated website would be a gift for their own staff as well as the community at large. With simplified and focused navigation features that were fully ADA compliant, the site immediately became both easier to navigate and more intuitive to maintain. Every redesign is a collaborative conversation, so Foxbright worked closely with Washtenaw to create a consistently clean design that creatively eliminated redundant information from the foundation up. 

Take a spin through Washtenaw ISD’s custom website design to explore interactive maps for school programs, easily accessible resource pages, and featured stories for a technology blog that continues to spark conversation and engagement throughout the community. The scope and success of Washtenaw had long outgrown their old website, so it was important to consolidate and spotlight many of the agency’s programming within one uniform design versus relying on bloated 3rd Party Website plugins and software. The fresh website certainly lives up to Washtenaw ISD’s mission of “providing high-quality service to [their] customers through leadership, innovation, and collaboration.”


Screenshot of Grand Ledge Public School website

Grand Ledge Public Schools

Grand Ledge Public Schools knows that, when your mascot is a Comet, your website should also be out of this world. After approaching Foxbright with the goal of modernizing their existing design, we quickly got to work making that dream a reality. Building on years of collaboration, we kept what was already working and created a hybrid design with elements from our most popular school website templates (Juniper & Kapok.)

Breathing new life into an existing brand required merging blocks of overwhelming content into an intuitive news feed, reorganizing links into custom spotlighted graphics, and a satisfying dropdown menu that quickly points visitors in the direction of wherever they need to go. The new website is attention-grabbing without being overwhelming, allowing Grand Ledge to visually communicate their identity and vision without the distractions and informational clutter of the old site. Wishing on shooting stars has mixed results, but you can always bet on these Comets to provide one of the best quality educational programs in the country…and look good doing it!


Screenshot of Traverse City Area Public Schools new website design

Traverse City Public Schools

We’re thrilled to work with the Traverse City Area Public Schools on their website redesign! With branding changes, tweaks to improve ADA compliance, and color adjustments to create a less distracting landing page, the new site is an effective tool for the thousands of students, parents, and staff who use it every day. Foxbright also embraced and highlighted the unique branding of a wide range of schools within the TCAPS district with custom school landing pages that still live comfortably within the "parent," district brand. 

Working within TCAPS’s custom website design, Foxbright first expanded the old site to full width which modernized the aesthetic while allowing the most important information to come to the foreground. With a few tweaks to the presentation and display of information, the district was now able to share news, updates, and events in a consolidated and much more visible space. So, whether you’re a Blair Elementary School Bobcat or a Traverse City West Senior High Titan, the redesigned TCAPS website now effectively provides an educational gateway to a wealth of information, programs, and opportunities.


Screenshot of new Lapeer County Community Mental Health Website

Lapeer County Community Mental Health

While Foxbright specializes in school websites, did you know that we also serve many small to mid-sized businesses across several other industries? It's especially rewarding when we have the opportunity to serve an organization like Lapeer County Community Mental Health that's making such a positive impact in the community! 

Lapeer County Community Mental Health's mission is to provide accessible, stigma free mental health care for their community. As they grew, they recognized the need to modernize and reorganize their site; ensuring that clients and family members could easily find the information and assistance they needed. So, one of the first thing the Foxbright design team did was re-organize all time-based content into a news feed feature. This way LCCMH could avoid visual clutter when sharing time-sensitive information and resources. New content now rises to the top while older items are now archived. Yet all stories can now be easily accessed through an automatically generated filter program.  

After identifying their needs, the crisply structured Juniper template made sense as a great starting point. With Juniper, we can highlight points of pride and positive testimonials to create a welcoming and trusting atmosphere the moment visitors arrive at the new site.  Dividing the services navigation drop menu into three easy-to-use columns also ensured that LCCMH resources are easier to find and navigate between based on a persons needs. A website redesign never happens in a vacuum, so when LCCMH redesigned their logo in the midst of the overhaul, Foxbright was able to instantly adjust the new colors to keep everything inline with the branding. It was a pleasure to partner with a client that is working hard to support a life of complete wellness for our friends and neighbors!


In our line of work, nothing rivals the feeling of accomplishment when our clients are able to launch a new website they are proud to show off to their visitors. What a pleasure it was to collaborate with these 4 great schools and organizations! 

What Foxbright Clients Say

- Blissfield Community Schools "We have used Foxbright for almost 9 years now and have had a great working relationship with them. Responses are always quick and courteous."
- Blissfield Community Schools "We recently did a redesign of our website and we are so pleased with the new web interface. Their interface is easy to use and intuitive. Foxbright continues to keep up with the trends and over the past 9 years there have been many new features and functions."
- Byron Center Public Schools "We are very happy with this organization. They are great to work with! Sharp group of professionals and always helpful."
- Grand Ledge Public Schools "Foxbright's client service is second to none!"
- Grand Ledge Public Schools "For many people, a school district's website often provides the first impression... and those are very powerful and influential. I can not imagine using a different website technology provider – I think Foxbright is tops in so many ways!"
- Kent ISD “Foxbright is a technology company that knows how to communicate, rather than a communication company that dabbles in technology.”
- Muskegon Area ISD "We been very satisfied with the quality and flexibility of Foxbright's CMS. We continue to enjoy a positive and creative partnership with Foxbright and look forward to implementing new features."
- Saline Schools "When any issue comes up, the Foxbright support team is only an email or phone call away. They always respond very quickly to the issues which wasn't our experience with our last website vendor."
- Saline Schools "The PD yesterday was awesome! The hybrid you did for us was great. It was short, quick and covered the areas we wanted to in a short time. Thank you for being flexible and rolling with our PD style yesterday. Excited to be ADA compliant."
- Southfield Public Schools "It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with Foxbright because they are such a responsive company."
- Vicksburg Community Schools "Our Head of Technology and I both marveled at how thorough, seamless, simple, and cost-efficient the site transfer process was last Fall and at how easy it is to maintain and change the site to fit our needs. Thank you for all you do to help us look good!"
- Wayland Union Schools "Our experience in working with Foxbright to create the new website was wonderful from start to finish. We finished the project under schedule and our parents, staff and community are happy with the new site."