Homepage of St. Henry's School

St. Henry School

It’s a new school year which means new pencils, fresh backpacks, and, for St. Henry School, a revamped website that is clean, modern, and easy to use. One of the first website to officially launch with Foxbright’s new Lotus Template, St. Henry’s online presence is now more accessible than ever. With all of the school buildings featured on the homepage, a new visitor will have no trouble finding what they’re looking for as soon as they arrive. 

By keeping the look simple and avoiding clutter, the Lotus template empowered St. Henry School to focus and forefront the information that was really important for its community. Creating fluid dropdowns for schools, resources, events, and announcements allowed crucial information to live only a click away on the front page without crowding the space. St. Henry School has a long and rich history of successful alumni, so they also decided to use the Lotus layout and spotlight feature to highlight notable alumni from the past on their customized “Hall of Fame” page. 

A good website takes time, but Foxbright prides itself on being able to work quickly within our client’s particular constraints without ever cutting any corners. Our team was able to complete the St. Henry School website revamp in only 6 weeks (an impressive 2 weeks ahead of schedule)! When the school buses pulled up on the first day of school, the website was all fired up and ready to go. 



An image of the Grand Rapids Public Schools homepage

Grand Rapids Public Schools

Every website redesign begins with questions and a conversation:

"What’s the best way to transform complaints and frustrations with your old website into something that answers questions and connects with the community?"

Grand Rapids Public Schools was tired of being stuck with a visually unappealing and difficult to navigate website that wasn’t up to ADA standards. Their student body required accessibility for multiple languages and nationalities, so they were eager for design changes and enhanced capabilities to create a website that fostered community, increased enrollment, and welcomed students and families with a visually appealing and intuitive landing page. 

To create the Grand Rapids Public Schools dream website, we met weekly to create a custom design from the ground up. These meetings included examples and mockups to foster a true partnership and guarantee that GRPS and Foxbright were on the same webpage every step of the way. 

The custom Foxbright design uses the “stories module” feature for all news, press releases, and announcements, providing the perfect tool for GRPS to provide flexible presentations between the district home page, school home page and the search stories feature. A crisp new layout with spotlights created an easy to navigate index for departments and school lists while Staff Cards Profiles for School Cabinet and Board Members make staying informed easier than ever. Lastly, the Custom Translate feature (a tool that would have been unimaginable 10 years ago when GRPS.org first launched) allows the website to seamlessly toggle between the specific languages that are spoken throughout the district. 

In the words of the new GRPS website, the website is now “user friendly and accessible for all abilities, from all devices, in multiple languages”. Check it out! 

Homepage of Central Lakes Public Schools

Central Lakes Public Schools

Tired of its old and dated website, Central Lake Public Schools opted for a fresh start with our popular Juniper Template. By choosing a modern color scheme that utilized white space instead of flashy colors, the new website welcomes in visitors without overwhelming them. Rounding sharp corners on the dropdowns and adjusting the size of the welcome banner to create more space for timely content were two small tweaks that go a long way in making the website feel more user friendly. 

Central Lake Public Schools old website was slow to load and hard to update, creating bottlenecks for both users and administrators. Often clients put off revamping their websites because they’re quickly overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of content that would need to be migrated to a new template. With Foxbright, those anxieties can go away! We seamlessly provide content migration services and create simple workflows that make adding new content as easy as it should be. 

Plus, unlike larger website builders, if you ever need a helping hand our team is always just a phone call or email away. Every website is a collaboration with a client, and that collaboration doesn’t suddenly end when we hit “publish” on your site.



Homepage of iE3 Body Wellness Website

iE3 Body Wellness

Take a deep breath in…hold it…and exhale. You’re now present and ready to appreciate the clean and modern new website for ie3 Center for Body Wellness. As a new business, Body Wellness needed to quickly create an online presence without waiting for tons of content to “fill in” their online home. Digital feng shui! Trusting in the focused qualities of our Magnolia template to provide a fresh and clean look left plenty of room to breathe without requiring too much additional information or content. 

Your website should match your mission, and the open and minimalist new site certainly achieves that. With parallax imagery (a design technique where the background image moves at a different speed to create a feeling of depth and responsiveness) the new site achieves a sophisticated and professional feeling without any unnecessary complications. For Body Wellness, the new website functions as a door and an invitation to a more wholesome lifestyle. If you’re curious, why not take a quick scroll through the new design?




A group of three websites showing the responsive design abilities of Foxbright. The Grand Rapids Public Schools site is on the large computer, Watermark club is on the smaller computer, and iE3 body wellness is shown on the phone



Steve Jobs once said that "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

How might a new design work for your organization? If any of these websites spark an inspirational idea, then we'd love to hear about it and see what we could do to make that idea become a reality! 

Why not schedule a demo so we can collaborate on your specific needs?

What Foxbright Clients Say

- Blissfield Community Schools "We have used Foxbright for almost 9 years now and have had a great working relationship with them. Responses are always quick and courteous."
- Blissfield Community Schools "We recently did a redesign of our website and we are so pleased with the new web interface. Their interface is easy to use and intuitive. Foxbright continues to keep up with the trends and over the past 9 years there have been many new features and functions."
- Byron Center Public Schools "We are very happy with this organization. They are great to work with! Sharp group of professionals and always helpful."
- Grand Ledge Public Schools "Foxbright's client service is second to none!"
- Grand Ledge Public Schools "For many people, a school district's website often provides the first impression... and those are very powerful and influential. I can not imagine using a different website technology provider – I think Foxbright is tops in so many ways!"
- Kent ISD “Foxbright is a technology company that knows how to communicate, rather than a communication company that dabbles in technology.”
- Muskegon Area ISD "We been very satisfied with the quality and flexibility of Foxbright's CMS. We continue to enjoy a positive and creative partnership with Foxbright and look forward to implementing new features."
- Saline Schools "When any issue comes up, the Foxbright support team is only an email or phone call away. They always respond very quickly to the issues which wasn't our experience with our last website vendor."
- Saline Schools "The PD yesterday was awesome! The hybrid you did for us was great. It was short, quick and covered the areas we wanted to in a short time. Thank you for being flexible and rolling with our PD style yesterday. Excited to be ADA compliant."
- Southfield Public Schools "It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with Foxbright because they are such a responsive company."
- Vicksburg Community Schools "Our Head of Technology and I both marveled at how thorough, seamless, simple, and cost-efficient the site transfer process was last Fall and at how easy it is to maintain and change the site to fit our needs. Thank you for all you do to help us look good!"
- Wayland Union Schools "Our experience in working with Foxbright to create the new website was wonderful from start to finish. We finished the project under schedule and our parents, staff and community are happy with the new site."