School Districts

East Lansing Public Schools, Redesign - Template Hickory

East Lansing Public Schools (ELPS) is one of Foxbright’s longest-running partnerships, still sporting their original design from (checks calendar) over a decade ago! ELPS was ready for a refresh to better highlight the strength and stature of the district. 

The team at ELPS wanted to move away from their 3 column design and liked the more ‘collegiate’ look of Foxbright’s Hickory template. Being one of our more flexible templates, we were able to organize their homepage to provide a nice mix of column structures to promote their latest news, stylized calendars, and visual quicklinks (which inherit to all pages). ELPS uses social media for direct communication so a slick implementation of a Juicer social media board was par for the course. 

ELPS uses themes to highlight the unique branding from each of their buildings so be sure to take a look at their school pages to see how the colors seamlessly present their school’s identity while maintaining consistency with the district!

Project Highlights:

  • Stylized Social Media
  • Building Themes
  • Inheriting Visual Quicklinks

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Newaygo Public Schools, Redesign - Template Lotus

Newaygo Public Schools (NPS) wanted to move toward a more ‘mobile first’ presentation for their website and align their navigation more with how a mobile user would experience it. Reorganizing their building pages for consistency and ease of use was also a high priority. NPS also added Foxbright’s Mobile App to facilitate community engagement and easy access to important district information. 

Foxbright recommended our Lotus template as it was designed with the mobile experience in mind. The fly-out style navigation mirrors mobile navigation, and the full width tabbed content provides ample real-estate for content without requiring additional scrolling. Foxbright also provided guidance and ideas to help NPS put together a welcoming video montage for their ‘hero banner’ area. The interactive building list feature was the cherry on top for helping their community navigate around the site. Foxbright listened to NPS’ needs and helped make it happen!

Project Highlights:

  • Mobile First Design
  • Video Hero Banner
  • Inviting Building List

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Educational Organizations 

MI Student Voice, New Client - Template Magnolia 

Foxbright is proud to be involved with myriad education support organizations and couldn't be happier to partner with the new initiative: MI Student Voice. Made possible by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund and state-wide educational organization & district partnerships, MI Student Voice needed to be a welcoming, easy to understand site to stimulate community & student feedback on their needs and thoughts on education. Foxbright’s Magnolia template was a perfect fit with its fun-yet-modern feel that gets straight to the point. 

MI Student Voice will help gather data used to guide the education sector based on student experience regarding well-being, mental health, educational outcomes and goals. The colorful, while not being busy, design was to encourage participation from students and community members to help guide education in Michigan. Foxbright's Stories feature was put to work as an engaging way to display Educator and Student Voice videos and password protected areas provided a secure way for partnering districts to access collected data, testimonials and feedback. 

Project Highlights:

  • Visual Video Playlist using Stories
  • Password Protected Areas
  • Reinforcing Brand with Colors 

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West Michigan Teacher Collaborative, New Client - Template Lotus

West Michigan Teacher Collaborative (WMTC) is another unique initiative in West Michigan created to incentivize new potential educators to join the field, and encourage existing educators to expand on their career through continued education. A partnership between Kent ISD, GVSU, Muskegon Area ISD and Ottawa ISD - WMTC is proof that communities are stronger when we can work together. 

Foxbright suggested the Lotus template for the clean and modern look. The full-width tabbed content section offered by Lotus worked a treat by keeping the initiative's three core offerings front and center. Our team rose to the challenge by doing what we do best - building an easy to navigate site and pairing pleasing background colors with subtle and effective hover effects for a modern and interactive flare. 

Project Highlights:

  • Tabbed Main Content
  • Community Collaboration

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Kent School Services Network, Custom Design Refresh

Our friends at Kent School Services Network (KSSN) have been providing crucial support services to Kent County schools and students for nearly two decades! Not only have they made an impact with students in the region, but have collaborated with counties across the state and offered consulting nation-wide! 

In 2016 we launched their custom site with what was, at the time, using cutting edge design elements. Over the years, their needs changed and their initial design became more ubiquitous across the web. While not a full redesign, we spruced up some features they wanted to use more, such as a visual news feed, drop menus, and a more robust header area. We appreciate the work KSSN does in the community and are proud to partner with them for their website needs. 

Project Highlights:

  • Edge-to-edge images
  • Stylized News
  • Floating Header

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What Foxbright Clients Say

- Blissfield Community Schools "We have used Foxbright for almost 9 years now and have had a great working relationship with them. Responses are always quick and courteous."
- Blissfield Community Schools "We recently did a redesign of our website and we are so pleased with the new web interface. Their interface is easy to use and intuitive. Foxbright continues to keep up with the trends and over the past 9 years there have been many new features and functions."
- Byron Center Public Schools "We are very happy with this organization. They are great to work with! Sharp group of professionals and always helpful."
- Grand Ledge Public Schools "Foxbright's client service is second to none!"
- Grand Ledge Public Schools "For many people, a school district's website often provides the first impression... and those are very powerful and influential. I can not imagine using a different website technology provider – I think Foxbright is tops in so many ways!"
- Kent ISD “Foxbright is a technology company that knows how to communicate, rather than a communication company that dabbles in technology.”
- Muskegon Area ISD "We been very satisfied with the quality and flexibility of Foxbright's CMS. We continue to enjoy a positive and creative partnership with Foxbright and look forward to implementing new features."
- Saline Schools "When any issue comes up, the Foxbright support team is only an email or phone call away. They always respond very quickly to the issues which wasn't our experience with our last website vendor."
- Saline Schools "The PD yesterday was awesome! The hybrid you did for us was great. It was short, quick and covered the areas we wanted to in a short time. Thank you for being flexible and rolling with our PD style yesterday. Excited to be ADA compliant."
- Southfield Public Schools "It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with Foxbright because they are such a responsive company."
- Vicksburg Community Schools "Our Head of Technology and I both marveled at how thorough, seamless, simple, and cost-efficient the site transfer process was last Fall and at how easy it is to maintain and change the site to fit our needs. Thank you for all you do to help us look good!"
- Wayland Union Schools "Our experience in working with Foxbright to create the new website was wonderful from start to finish. We finished the project under schedule and our parents, staff and community are happy with the new site."