Audit and Compliance Services

Foxbright helps our clients navigate the complex rules and guidelines for creating an accessible and fully compliant website.

Understanding Accessibility

Your website is used by many people including those with disabilities.  These disabilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • blind or low vision
  • deaf or hard of hearing
  • physical disability
  • cognitive disability

Assistive technology

Individuals with disabilities use assistive technology ("AT") to help them understand the content on your web pages.  AT like screen readers and text-to-speech translate the words on the page and use a computerized voice to read the information aloud.  In order to be accessible, web pages and documents (Word, PDF, Video files, Audio files) must work in partnership with AT.  

All of the content added to your website must consider the compliance rules.  To learn more please visit Introduction to Web Accessibility.    

Foxbright Can Help!

Foxbright has the skill set required to navigate the complex rules and guidelines for creating an accessible and compliant website. We can work with your school to achieve a compliant website by:

  1. Training your staff
  2. Running audits of your website
  3. Adjusting site content that fails the audit
  4. Providing website designs that meet WCAG 2.0 AA
  5. Continued monitoring of your website

Website Accessibility Scanning

Foxbright provides website ADA scans using SortSite website testing software.  Accessibility issues that are checked include:


  • WCAG 2.0 - 118 tests covering A, AA and AAA guidelines
  • WCAG 1.0 - 86 tests covering A, AA and AAA guidelines
  • Section 508 - 55 tests covering 15 guidelines
  • PDF documents for broken links, untagged content and missing ALT text
  • Office documents for broken links
  • Note: Not all accessibility issues can be identified with automated testing.

Broken Links - check for broken links

Spelling – check for spelling errors

Compatibility - check for HTML, script and image formats that don't work in common browsers

From the website scan results, Foxbright creates a summary report that identifies the issues below and can include any changes made by Foxbright.

  • Non-compliant documents (PDF) Report - includes issues found and how to fix
  • Broken Links Report - Contains a list of all broken links and pages that contain the broken link
  • Misspellings Report - Contains a list of misspellings on website and the pages with misspellings


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Schools occasionally receive a notification letter from the Office of Civil Rights ("OCR").  This letter notifies the school that a complaint has been filed stating that portions of the school's website do not meet accessibility standards.

Foxbright ADA Compliance Service Levels

One Time Report

  • Receive a one time report identifying ADA compliance concerns
  • Foxbright will walk you through the report and explain any issues

Monthly Reports

  • Receive monthly audit scans and reports
  • Report will be reviewed by Foxbright and suggestions for resolving any issues noted
  • Reach out to support at anytime for help reviewing or correcting 

Monthly Reports + Clean Up

  • Receive monthly audit scans and summary reports 
  • Foxbright will provide clean up services and fix Priority 1 and Priority 2 issues (Section 508, WCAG 1.0 A, WCAG 2,0 A and WCAG 2.0 AA)
  • Foxbright will support client and provide assistance with questions in regards to making documents, videos and audio files accessible. Accessibility of these items is the client's responsibility.
  • Any issues that Foxbright identified and cannot fix will be noted and provided to client