Why Foxbright CMS?

Foxbright's Content Management System (CMS) allows the people who create the content-staff, administrators, classroom teachers, and others-the ability to quickly and easily update information specific to their areas of responsibility from any computer with Internet access. At the same time, consistency of presentation is enforced - making sure that the visitor experience is consistent regardless of who is entering the content.

The Foxbright CMS is  known for its ease of use, simplicity and power as a fully self-maintaining content management system for your website.

Why use a Content Management System

  • Custom Standardization

    One look at our portfolio will show you that Foxbright websites have nothing in common with those blocky, boring, same-as-everyone-else websites. To Foxbright, standardization means that each page on your site is equally appealing, no matter where it is on your site, or who created the content.

  • Speed

    Changes to the content are so easy, and the tools so accessible that your website can have today's news on it - always. With the Foxbright CMS, changes can be made from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with Internet access. Just go to your website, log in, make your change, and you're done.

  • Content Workflow

    Do you want to have key people review content before it hits the website? No problem, Foxbright CMS has workflow built right into it, so that the right person is immediately notified that a page has been updated.

  • Easy to Learn

    The administrative tools used to maintain the website don't require any knowledge of HTML. A basic knowledge of word processing is all that is required to start creating and updating web pages rich with text, images, and links.

  • Efficiency

    The days of sending your website change requests to a webmaster are over. The Foxbright CMS allows you to distribute website content management to the people that actually know the information - no matter where they are in the organization or how much they know about computers. Administrators, program managers, secretaries, volunteers, and anyone else are able to update one page, the whole website, or anything in between. No more e-mails, requests, clarifications, or screenshots sent by FAX. Simply log in, make your change, and check it off your list.

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